Club Meeting Minutes

April 2016

Meeting called to order at 3:07pm

Bob Thomas led the Pledge of Allegiance.

VISITORS: Noel Campbell and Eric Miller (Geri’s brother and friend) ANNOUNCEMENTS: Louis read an agenda for all future meetings that closely follows Robert’s Rules. The meetings will follow this agenda. Members will speak under appropriate categories.


OLD BUSINESS: No update on Woodland tour to be hosted by Miles & Adriene Pustejovsky on Sept. 10th. Activities board is here to look at this. Fred Lybolt asked if our club website was kept up to date. Louis responded that he updates it with newsletter & photos. He suggested we look at the bottom of his emails for web address.

NEW BUSINESS: We may have to change our checking account as our current bank/credit union are now charging $10.00 a month service fee. We will have an update next month. Geri Thomas volunteered to contact Tri-Counties Bank. June 24-29th, 2018 MAFCA is having a regional get together and would appreciate our help.

CHAIR ROPORTS: SUNSHINE Sharon Simonton reported Maxine Davis is doing great. Loves to talk to people if they call. Jan & Bob Kirkman are both doing better. Ruby Roethler broke her right wrist while touring San Miguel, Mexico with husband Marty. Margie Paul has heath issues. Norma Myers had knee surgery.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Shirley Wilson is lining up several rest home visits: June 10th, Feather Canyon AND Sunshine Manor Car Show & free BBQ; June 17th – Sycamore Glen; July 2nd Amber Grove; and Aug- Windchime. Our anniversary dinner will be Oct. 16th at Chico Mobile Country Club & will be catered. Price is $16.00 per person--$15.00 for dinner, $1.00 donation to club. We have a new sponsor at the club. The deposit has gone up from $50.00 to $100.00 but it was determined that it didn’t present a problem as the deposit if refunded.

Ladies Luncheon for April is the 21st at Panera’s at 11:30am. Panera’s is in the old Marie Callenders newly remodeled building.

April 23rd is the Paradise Gold Nugget Parade. Must be at Holiday market parking lot at 11:00am. Parade starts at 12:00pm. Louis read the rules for the Gold Nugget Day Parade.

Butte Meadows tour is set for June 16th. Next meeting is May 26th at Chico Library. Meeting was adjourned at 3:55pm

Submitted by Substitute Secretary: Sherry Griggs

So now we have covered the minutes of the last two meetings, so we can gab! Sharon Simonton – aka – Twinkle Toes, is up & hobbling along due to the excellent care of her hubby Bill. I understand he is a fabulous care giver. Kudos Bill for getting our Sharon up and mobile again. Sharon had a long confinement after extensive foot surgery from her years as a dancer. So Yea, Sharon is up & around.

Bob & I want to give a special THANK YOU to Bill Simonton for staying after the BBQ/POTLUCK meeting at our place on Apr.16, 2016. Lots of people offered to help clean up, but Bob kept saying that’s O.K.. We THANK ALL OF YOU who offered to help. Mr. Stubborn (Bob Thomas) kept saying no thanks. Bill Simonton is either super nice or just as stubborn as my hubby because he stayed. Wouldn’t take no for an answer! Between Bill & Bob, they cleaned everything up. Packed everything to the house, garage or shop. THANK YOU BILL! Bob’s back thanks you & so do I!

Bob & I are planning a trip up to the Burger Depot in Chester in our Model A later this month or early May. If anyone is interested, give us a call. It is a beautiful trip up Hwy 70 with multiple waterfalls & many different wildflowers than we have. Our number is in the Roster if you’re interested. Blessings everyone, Geri Thomas.

Upcoming tours and Events: Click here

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