Notable Events and Statistics of 1930

President: Herbert Hoover

U.S. Population:  123,000,000

Cost of a first-class stamp:  $0.02

Unemployment:  8.7%

Mary Pickford wins Academy Award for best actress.

Warner Baxter wins Academy Award for best actor.

“Broadway Melody” wins Academy Award for best picture.

Mickey Mouse comic strip first appears.

First radio broadcast of Lone Ranger.

American astronomer Clyde Tombaugh discovers Pluto.

The Communist Party of Vietnam established.

Benny Mereoff ‘s “Happy Days Are Here Again” hits #1.

Babe Ruth signs 2-year contract with NY Yankees for $160,000.

Mohandas Gandhi begins 200mile march to protest British salt tax.

First streamlined submarine of US Navy, the USS Nautilus, is launched.

The first radio broadcast from a ship at sea occurs.

Hostess Twinkies invented by bakery executive James Dewar.

Synthetic rubber is first produced.

The movie All Quiet on the Western Front premieres in New York.

Telephone connection between Britain and Australia goes into service.

The first US planetarium opens in Chicago.

Pulitzer Prize Awarded to Marc Connelly for Green Acres.

Ellen Church becomes the first flight attendant.

The Supreme Court rules that buying liquor does not violate the Constitution.

Richard Drew invents masking tape.

The Chrysler Building opens making it the tallest man-made building at that time.

The NY Times agrees to capitalize the n in “Negro.”

The first nudist colony opens.

First radar detection of planes

First round-the-world radio broadcast

Construction begins on the Boulder (Hoover) Dam

US Veterans Administration forms

First broadcast of “Death Valley Days” on NBC radio

Betty Boop debuts in Max Fleischer’s animated cartoon “Dizzy Dishes”

Percy Williams runs world-record 100m (10.3 sec)

First color sound cartoon, “Fiddlesticks,” is made by Ub Iwerks

First non-stop airplane flight from Europe to US (37 hrs)

First appearance of comic strip, “Blonde”

Nazis gain 107 seats in German election

Johann Ostermeyer patents the flashbulb

Philadelphia A’s beat the St Louis Cardinals, 4 games to 2, in the 27th World Series

Ethel Merman debuts on Broadway in “Girl Crazy”

Bank of Italy becomes Bank of America

Vatican approves the rhythm method for birth control

Betty Davis arrives in Hollywood under contract with Universal Studios

US tobacco industry produces 123 billion cigarettes.

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